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The sex shop is a special store! The range of products for adults will help to acquire not only sex toys but also new sensations during intercourse: pleasure, pleasure, satisfaction for a person, a couple. Erotica, vibrators, lubricants, lubricants, experiments in bed - all this habitually entered our life, and an intimate store has ceased to seem like something obscene. In our material, we will talk about the goods that sex shops offer, find out why this industry is developing rapidly, and show you where to buy quality products for every taste.

Sex shop: fantasy in practice - a strong relationship

A strong bond, complete understanding between two partners is impossible without a full sexual relationship. Without them, it is difficult to build a strong romantic relationship and fully dissolve in all the delights of life. At the same time, bustle and everyday life can cool the relationship, the partner can move away from you. But there is a way out - intimate life, or rather its diversity, can revive relationships. This will help bring positive emotions back into the life of a couple, achieve harmony, satisfying physical needs, and sexual fantasies.

The product that is offered in intimate stores gives partners new sensations, allows you to get to know a loved one better, throw off the shackles of sexual, aesthetic complexes, and, what is important, allows you to experience a great orgasm! Let's take a close look at the “little sex assistants”!

Sex toys: love, sensual orgasms, experimentation

They will help to diversify your sex life and get bright orgasms. The right toy will fix it! In the sex-shop catalog, products are usually divided into the following categories:

for him (masturbators, vacuum pumps, stimulants, attachments);
for her (vibrators, vaginal balls, anal plugs);
universal for couples (recommended for use by both partners).
Their huge selection will allow you to find any toy based on personal preferences and desires.

Assortment in the store for adults

We represent the sex-shop "DAM" (Odessa) - a place where you can find a wide variety of intimate products. To make it convenient for site visitors, all products are categorized, have a short, useful description, which lists not only production materials, technical characteristics, but also hints to whom and what the product is suitable for, photos from different angles, and the like.

The assortment includes the following product groups:

sex toys for women and men;
elegant erotic clothing, underwear;
BDSM accessories;
intimate cosmetics, lubricants, stimulants, care products;
specialized literature.
In the "DAM" catalog you can order more than 10,000 products that are guaranteed to diversify intimate life, remove unnecessary complexes, breathe new life into relationships.

Safety and quality

Trust, health, the safety of customers are important priorities in the work of an online sex shop, therefore, only high-quality products are presented on the site:

all products have a hygienic conclusion of the SSES;
products are checked for defects in the online store;
branded goods are subject to an official warranty from the manufacturer.
The sex shop understands the possible desire of the customer to keep the purchase secret, so his personal data is not transferred to third parties and is only needed for sending.

Why buy from us?

"DAM" is a place where you can buy quality sex products. Shop benefits include:

complete confidentiality of the order: no one will guess what you receive by mail, and personal data is not disclosed under any circumstances;
gifts, discounts, promotions, special offers for regular customers;
the price is lower than in other online stores;
prompt delivery across Odessa and the territory of Ukraine;
100% quality - SSES certification, original products;
free consultation and professional assistance in choosing a product;
the ability to pay online without commissions and overpayments.
By the way, you can follow the activities and updates of the "DAM" store in social networks - be sure to subscribe so as not to miss any hot news!