Getting to know all the levels of pleasure alone is certainly a great experience, but imagine - what if all this is doubled? When you're in a relationship, the big mistake is just being stable. After all, the main factor that maintains a relationship is emotions, a constant drive that fills you and your partner with vital energy, and this, in a couple, mainly happens due to spending time together, and, frankly, due to sex. Sex is an indispensable component of a relationship, but here's why we'll tell you a little further ...

Imagine that you are sitting on the Cote d'Azur and slowly sipping your glass of champagne with sweet strawberries, enjoying every minute of this moment! Life is beautiful, however, this moment will cease to be special if you do it every day, the intimacy of the whole situation will disappear. Also, in sex, changing champagne for wine, and the Cote d'Azur to snowy mountains, you will get completely different impressions. Just for new vivid impressions and fresh emotions, for a feeling of festive expectation of something unusual and intriguing, you can and should use sex toys.

Sex toys for couples: double pleasure

For couples, there is a separate type of toy that will please both partners. The couple can experiment and get maximum pleasure, which will be accompanied by the brightest orgasms. We are all different and we have different needs and characteristics. Therefore, there are many variations of sex toys for couples, the use of which will add a piquant spice to the relationship:

Paired vibrators;
Unisex vibrators;
BDSM toys (tickles, gags, handcuffs);
Cosmetics (body paint, prolongers, liquid vibrators;
Deep throat sprays;
Anal toys.
Each of the categories brings in such a bright storm of emotions that it is impossible to resist. Do you want to have a sex marathon? Try a prolongation and a liquid vibrator. Do you want sensual, gentle intimate games? Take massage oil or body paint and cover your partner's body with gentle kisses. And if harder? You can find a product for every taste and do not forget, the DAM team is always in touch and happy to help.

What toys should a couple choose?
We live in a time when we are surrounded by devices for any preference, therefore, in order to get the maximum pleasure, you need to know what are your main requirements for your future partner. The choice among such a variety can be difficult, but there are certain criteria for choosing the perfect toy. Shape, size, color, design, and functionality are all characteristics of your best vibrator.

U-shaped vibrators

Couples often prefer paired vibrators because they can be used outside of the home and not only in bed. Paired vibrators are very small and lightweight. They are distinguished by the anatomical U-shape, due to which the woman will receive external and internal stimulation of the clitoris and the walls of the vagina.

However, no one has forgotten about men either, the vibration creates pleasant sensations, and due to the toy, in the most cherished place, it becomes obscenely cramped. Control on the remote control and from the phone makes it so that no one will ever guess about your little game, even if you are sitting opposite each other in a restaurant, and your partner will control the toy. A man will receive a sea of ​​sensations from such a game, languishing in anticipation, and a woman will certainly let him understand how desirable and pleasant intimacy awaits you at the end of the evening. Also, we cannot fail to mention that the charging structures of such devices, for example, as we-vibe, are usually wireless, which rightfully gives us the right to call them Hi-tech toys.

Vibrators Unisex

These uses - according to the manufacturer, there are as many as 32! In general, you and your partner can come up with more than 100 options for games and various stimulation. If you think you've tried everything, then this toy is for you. The vibrator's shape resembles a slingshot, the elegant design emphasizes its uniqueness among other sex toys, so this acquisition will become a clear favorite among the usual toys. We promise that the desire to return to bed as soon as possible will not leave you for a long time.




Bodypaint is a great way for young couples to have fun and explore each other's body curves. Or if you want to spend an unforgettable gentle night together. Imagine that you are an artist and your partner's body is a canvas. To begin with, we will briefly tell you that this body paint is indirectly related to cosmetics, the natural aroma and sweetness of dark chocolate, the stimulating effect of caffeine - all this harmoniously merged in this paint.

The paint is creamy and easy to apply to the body, and also easy to rinse off, however, we are sure that you will not need this at all, since it tastes just divine! Covering your partner's body with gentle kisses or gently licking paint from their most sensitive areas can be a sensual and sophisticated play that will leave you both shivering with anticipation of the night. A stunning design in a faceted bottle will leave no doubt that the item is expensive and luxurious.


In no case should this word scare you, everything is fine, BDSM starts from tickling feathers and ends with stacks and gags, it all depends on your preferences. BDSM is a good way to improve your relationship, yes, because everything is built on trust. The feeling of complete nudity, mental and physical, when you trust your partner will lead you into ecstasy, and for beginners, try covering your eyes with a mask and concentrating only on the sensations. Emotions will cover you from head to toe. For more advanced users, we want to show an incredible stack, made of high-quality leather, well balanced, with an iron handle covered with crystals, due to which it does not slip out of the hand.

Deep blowjob sprays

You can make your partner happy by making him happy with what he likes so much. Not all girls have the ability to give men so beloved by many deep blowjobs. So what to do in such a situation? Fortunately, everything is fixable now.

There are many oral sex products, oral sex products, one of them is freezing sprays. They relax the throat and make it possible to bring your man into ecstasy. After such a blowjob, your partner will simply be delighted with your skills. I would also like to add that there are sprays with different tastes, the effect lasts about 5 minutes from them, but this depends on individual characteristics.


If you want to surprise your partner, but at the same time leave the choice of a toy for both of you, you can make a nice present in the form of our stunning, stylish modern certificate. Its design was developed by us with great care and love and will definitely please both men and women.

The anticipation of waiting for intimacy and the joint choice of toys will allow you to initially think over your night and discuss secret desires. Or maybe you would prefer to assemble a beautiful gift box from several products that you want to present to your partner? Our team will be happy to help you with this! With a gift box, you can play out a pre-conceived scenario, or spend a romantic night without limiting yourself to one toy - in any case, a lot of new emotions and impressions are guaranteed to you. “DAM” managers will be happy to tell you more about this function and to assemble any box with any content you wish.

Long-lasting pleasure for two: how sex toys for two work
A multifunctional vibrator is the best solution in finding variety because the whole secret lies in the name. As a rule, for example, for women, there are many different vibrators: a rabbit is able to give pleasure by stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot, Vibro bullets are compact and easy to use, and the task of paired vibrators is to connect everything together and for both partners so that lovers can together enjoy the sweetest moments.


For this, toys for adults are adapted to the anatomical shape of the body of a woman and a man, with the most comfortable use of the toy. Typically, a U-shaped vibrator is placed with the narrow end in the vagina to stimulate the G-spot and with the thick end on the clitoris for a double orgasm.

They are both vacuum ones, for example, Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples, which works on air pulsation, a favorite stimulation of women, which imitates the sensations of oral sex, and classic ones. However, there are also unisex vibrators. The fact is that due to their shape, they are suitable for use by both men and women, which allows you to experiment in a new way every time. Each habitual pose will sparkle with new colors, and you will get strong raging orgasms.

How to use sex toys in pairs correctly?

Rapprochement in a couple occurs due to the study of not only the characters of each other but also the knowledge of each sensitive zone on the partner's body. When you decide to try experimenting in pairs, in order to get the maximum pleasure you need to know how to use sex toys correctly, of course, we cannot tell the full functionality of each of them, but there are general rules that will help to achieve